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Antalya Airport transfer

Have you ever tried private airport transfer options to reach your flight that will take off from Antalya Airport with the most comfortable, fast and luxurious conditions, or to quickly and easily go from your plane landing in Antalya to your destination? Many people think that these services are too expensive and prefer tiring, crowded, unhygienic and somewhat complicated public transportation options. However, now is the time to break this bias. Because, as I CAN TRANSFER, we offer high-level VIP airport transfer service at public transportation service prices. You do not need to sacrifice your comfort to minimize the cost of your trip.

Our fleet of high-quality Mercedes Vito tools is ready to serve you in the Antalya Airport Transfer category. Moreover, if you wish, you can contact us as soon as you purchase your flight ticket, or you can call us after landing and get our vehicle to your location in just 15 minutes. We would like to proudly state that we have at least 10 vehicles at each airport we serve. You have absolutely no waiting time in an appointment service. However, if you call us at the last minute, you only have to wait 15 minutes. You can contact us via Whatsapp for 24 hours.

Vip airport transfer services

Airport Transfer ANTALYA

What to do in case of a delay?

You are our customer from the first moment you make an appointment. Providing maximum customer satisfaction is our top priority. If your flight is delayed for technical reasons or if there is a mandatory delay due to a different systematic reason, we will never charge you an extra fee. The important thing for us is to reach the car directly after you leave the airport building. Apart from that, you do not need to worry about the misfortunes that have happened to you! Our vehicle will be waiting for you in front of the door until your plane lands.

High-Level Hygiene Measures in Our Vehicle

Recently, deaths have occurred in almost every part of the world in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak. We would like to point out that we take this epidemic seriously. Our vehicles are therefore disinfected more intensely than before. Our vehicles are disinfected with high-level scientific methods just before and immediately after serving each of our customers. You will get into a vehicle free from any virus or germ. Your comfort and health are very important to us. A driver will serve you in the vehicle. It is very important that our driver is in good health. For this reason, we also pass our driver periodically through COVID-19 control.

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i can transfer Antalya

High Level of Comfort in Car

All of our vehicles are the latest model Mercedes Vito. There are high-tech air conditioning systems in our vehicles and there is a smoking ban in the vehicle. From the first moment you get in the vehicle, you have health insurance guarded by Turkey’s state institutions. Feel safe. As I CAN TRANSFER, we are a company authorized by the official state institution called TURSAB, which has all the documents. You will feel comfortable thanks to the hot and cold drinks offerings and free wifi options in our vehicle, and your trip will turn into an enjoyable memory.

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