Antalya Adrasan

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Parking area: Yes

Entrance fee: No

Closed days: No

Distance from Antalya Republic Square (City Center):  88.7 km ( D400)

Distance from Antalya international airport: 104 km ( D400)

Distance from Antalya bus station: 89.6 km ( D400)

Importance and general aspects:

Adrasan, which is located at the foot of Mount Musa, has a protected area, a clean beach and a clear sea, as it is a protected area34. It is also one of the most preferred holiday spots because it is close to important destinations of tourists such as Çıralı and Olympos. While the summer months are hot and dry in the town of Adrasan, where the Mediterranean climate is dominant; winters are rainy and warm. Due to its favorable climate, it is a frequent destination for domestic and foreign tourists for four seasons.

Although the name of Adrasan and the ruins in the town dates back to the early ages, the name of Adrasan was first used as “Atrasas” in AD. It was recorded around 1400. In 1521, this name was identified with the Adrasan Port, in Piri Reis’ Kitab-ı Bahriye, which is the most sheltered harbor of its time, which is suitable for the safe shelter of even large ships.

Due to the increasing popularity of Adrasan, tourism has become the most important source of income in the town. The 1800-meter-long Adrasan beach extending in the north-south direction is reached by passing through the orange and pomegranate gardens. Adrasan offers its residents two types of beach. On the northern part of the beach, the beach is stony and the sea is deep; On the southern part of the beach, the beach is fine sandy and the sea is quite shallow. Accommodation options in Adrasan are quite high. Many of the accommodation facilities are located in the area behind the beach. The pensions, which are reached by hanging wooden bridges, offer a different atmosphere than the other accommodation options with the platforms placed on the stream bed. In addition, the camping areas located between the trees behind the beach are considered as a different accommodation option for tourists.

How to get there

There are 2 faster options in order to reach Adrasan; by car or by bus from the Antalya Bus Station.

What to do?

In Adrasan, which is more preferred by those who want to get away from city life with its calm and peaceful environment, nature walks can be held, yachting tours and new bays can be preferred, and water sports can be preferred due to favourable weather conditions. Apart from these events, Adrasan and its surrounding areas also offer the opportunity to participate in many different touristic activities such as 4×4 tours, underwater diving activities and camel tours. Located between two long noses surrounded by pine forests, Adrasan offers different hiking routes to its enthusiasts. The most remarkable of these is a 7-hour walking track from Adrasan to Gelidonya Lighthouse, located at the far end of Antalya in the Mediterranean. Apart from walking routes, boat tours are organized in Adrasan. The most important of these is the Suluada Tour and Korsan Bay.

What to eat?

There are lots of restaurants and bars mostly serving fish, traditional tastes, snacks and other delicious foods and drink to visitors. Also you can find all kinds of dishes in Adrasan or you can taste the plant dishes of the region if you want. Apart from the facilities on the beach, you can eat on the stream in places lined up along the stream. You can eat fresh fish in the beautiful restaurants of Adrasan.

What to buy?

In Adrasan, you can buy pumpkin plant decorations made by hand as a gift. You can also buy handmade rugs and local marmalade from the Adrasan’s local shops.

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