Antalya Airport to Kemer Transfer

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Antalya Airport Transfer to Kemer

How Far from Antalya Airport to Kemer

How Far from Antalya Airport to Kemer

How Far from Antalya Airport to Kemer

Kemer is one of Turkey’s most popular places and is located 43km on the west coast of Antalya. The roadway from Antalya Airport to Kemer is about 58 kilometers.

 How Long Is The Transfer From Antalya Airport To Kemer

If there isn’t any heavy traffic, then the trip from Antalya Airport to Kemer takes around 1 hour.

 Antalya Airport To Kemer Transfer Time

Once you get off the plane and get on the taxi, the transfer time from Antalya Airport to Kemer usually takes 1 hour.

 Antalya Airport To Kemer Transfer Taxi Fare

The taxi fare from Antalya Airport to Kemer costs around **** Turkish Liras. Our taxis offer disinfected trips for your health.

 Antalya Airport To Kemer Transfer Prices

With our safe and sound taxi trips, the trip to Kemer from Antalya Airport will cost between ****. If you rented a car for your holiday in Antalya, then the gas you will need for the journey to Kemer will cost around ****. But there are some differences between renting a car and using the taxi service. Since Kemer will be crowded, it will be tough to find a parking place and rent a car is very expensive compared to taxi fees.

 How Long Is The Transfer From Antalya Airport To Kemer

The total trip time will be around 1 hour after you get a cab from Antalya Airport.

 How Do I Get From Antalya Airport To Kemer

After getting off the plane, it will be very easy to find our transportation services. All you need to do is give us a call or find our cars. Then you can tell the driver that you want to go to Kemer. The trip will be very safe and comfortable.

 How To Get From Antalya Airport To Kemer

Unfortunately, there is no bus service for going to Kemer from Antalya Airport. But you can always trust us to take you to your requested destination. We offer a disinfected and comfortable interior design with our cars.

 Private Transfer Antalya Airport To Kemer

If you want to go to Kemer after you get off the plane, you can always trust our private transfer services to get to Kemer private and safe.

 Antalya Airport To Kemer Bus Distance

If you want to use a bus to go to Kemer from the airport, you need to go to the bus terminal first. You can use the buses with ‘’600’’ numbers on them to get to the bus terminal. From there, you can use the shared taxis which go to Kemer. The road between Antalya Airport to the bus terminal is around 20 kilometers. And, the distance between the bus terminal and Kemer is about 45 minutes.

 Taxi Price From Antalya Airport To Kemer

We offer a disinfected and safe trip for you. Our taxi fees from Antalya Airport to Kemer are around ****

 Cost Of Taxi From Antalya Airport To Kemer

The general taxi fee to get to Kemer from Antalya Airport is approximately *****. You can always trust us for a safe trip

 Are Taxis Expensive In Antalya

The taxi fees are around ****. With our disinfected Mercedes Vito vehicles, you can get to Kemer very comfortable and safe.

Best Way To Get From Antalya Airport To Kemer

Even though there are options to get to Kemer from Antalya Airport, you can always trust us for a better service. And with experienced drivers and disinfected Mercedes Vito vehicles, you can travel to Kemer without needing to be afraid of any health conditions.

 Taxi Price From Antalya Airport To Kemer

The taxi price to get to Kemer from Antalya Airport is ****. With our best quality services, you can trust us to get you to Kemer after getting off the plane.

How can I go to Kemer from Antalya Airport (AYT) ? And how much is the taxi transfer price ?

Traveling and exploring new places is fun, especially with Kemer transfer. And when in this journey for the family suitcases and things can seem more burdensome. In addition, public transport for the family can also turn into a huge nightmare with transfers and other modes of transport.

You can enjoy a privileged journey with Antalya Airport Transfer to Kemer; we provide a safe way of transportation. We Taxi and transfer Kemer provide safe transportation not only for you but also for your family and loved ones. In addition to this, the comfort of your belongings in the large trunk of our cars. You are our valuable passengers and advantages when transporting with us, only in Nehir transfers. Transfer to Kemer provide transportation to each region, we also guarantee that you will go to the Antalya – Kemer transfer points in a healthy and convenient way.

Before traveling and exploring the Kemer tour, we recommend reading an article about our region. Every part of Antalya is beautiful, but the arch is the most beautiful place. So you have to come to Antalya. In Kemer, there are many hotels and many activities. This resort, which is lively during the summer season, will give you a good rest both in the hotel and outside. Miracle and beauty will make your rest useful for your body and for your soul. You will realize that in this region between the lush forest and the blue sea there are untouched virgin beauties. The transfer service leaves you in the silence of this unique nature or in the fun for the pleasant moments of your life. Thus, you will spend time here with the desire to discover very pleasant and exciting places.

No less comfortable, but a much cheaper option is individual transfer. In this case, the driver will meet the tourists at the airport with a sign and take them to their destination. Transport companies offer cars of different classes: economy, standard, luxury, SUV, van.

The price is fixed and does not change, even if the car is designed for four, one passenger rides. The cost is indicated in dollars, and in the lists is automatically converted to rubles at the current exchange rate.

To order a taxi from Antalya airport, you need to choose the option you are interested in, specify all the necessary data, including contacts (current e-mail, roaming phone), address or name of the hotel, flight number, etc., and then make an advance payment. Information about the reservation will come to the specified mail.

Parking area: Yes

Entrance fee: No

Closed days: No

Distance from Antalya Republic Square (City Center):  43.3 km ( D400)

Distance from Antalya international airport: 44.2 km ( D400)

Distance from Antalya bus station: 58.4 km ( D400)

Importance and general aspects:

Kemer is a small town west of Antalya. You get to Kemer by a paved highway following the foothills of Taurus Mountains on the right and the gorgeous coastline. The road travels through orange orchards, tunnels and those quiet beaches with foaming waves. Kemer, with its blue-flagged beaches, clean air, ancient cities and lively nightlife, is a frequent destination for thousands of visitors. The summer months are hot and dry in Kemer, where the Mediterranean climate is dominant, and the winter months are warm and rainy. Spending an average of 300 days of the year on a sunny day, you can swim in Kemer for 8 months.

How to get there

There are three options in order to reach Kemer you can use car, taxi or take a bus from the Antalya Bus Station.

What to do?

You can enjoy the immaculate sea and bays in the arch, as well as visit the historical cities and take a cultural tour. You can take nature walks in the National Parks. You can participate in different events in the canyons. Bar house cafes by the sea are open until late at night. There are also world-famous night clubs. After enjoying the sea day and night, you can have fun and socialize at night. Kemer has a very big bazaar2. You can reach world famous brands in this bazaar. Kemer is also famous for daily boat tours and safari tours. Especially those who want to explore the environment better show great interest in safari tours that continue from morning hours to evening hours. Safari tours provide enthusiasts to discover these points by providing access to all historical points and natural beauties on their routes with jeeps. Daily boat tours also provide the opportunity to explore Kemer and its wonderful bays and enjoy the deep blue sea. In addition, Kemer’s highly colorful underwater world is another point to be discovered. Especially the famous Paris plane wreck is a wreck visited by thousands of curious divers throughout the year3.

What to eat?

There are lots of restaurants and bars mostly serving fish, traditional tastes, snacks and other delicious foods and drink to visitors. You can eat fresh fish in the beautiful restaurants of Kemer. Also you can directly reach the most fragrant strawberries, fresh fish and healthy vegetables of the Mediterranean region in Kemer.

What to buy?

Small and big sized shops selling souvenirs, jewelery, clothing, leather and carpet can be found in Kemer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we are registered with the Public Carriage Office.

Yes all our cars are covered by a Hire and Reward Insurance.

We will give you confirmation within 1 hours.

Yes all online bookings have to be made 6 hours before travelling.

Yes you can, our Whatsapp lines are online 24 hours, every day.

The maximum number of passengers per car is 7 with an car (Mercedes Vito)

Yes you can, but you should tell us 12 hours in advance.

Yes you can, but you should inform us three hours in advance.

Yes we can, but you should tell us in advance.

As long as it conforms to the Health and Safety Laws, our drivers will do all they can to assist you.

Yes you can, but the tariff may change and you will be charged according to mileage.

No, we constantly monitor the status of your flight so we can dispatch our cars accordingly.

We will wait until the last passenger from your flight has cleared.

Yes you can, at the end of your journey you may hand the cash to our driver.

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