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For all your domestic and overseas flights, an excellent Turkey airport transfer service should be your prior choice. You do not have to search for public transport options after a tiring flight to minimize your travel costs. Because, as I CAN TRANSFER, we offer VIP transfer service to our valued customers for public transportation prices.

Why Should I Prefer Antalya Airport Transfer Service Instead of Public Transportation?

We use ultra-luxury Mercedes Vito vehicles while transferring you from the airport to your destination. Your comfort and safety are very important to us in this process. Therefore, when choosing our vehicles, we paid attention to both safety features and interior decoration. Airport transfer options are evaluated by many companies in the luxury service category and very high rates are demanded. Do not mislead this situation. You don’t have to try to understand the timetables of public transportation options, be exposed to taxi fraud and arrive at your destination with a delay of at least a few hours. Offering a luxurious service at affordable prices, our company also applies disinfection procedures that will protect you from all epidemic diseases.

Hygiene Standards In The Car

As I CAN TRANSFER, we clean our vehicle with high-level methods before and after transferring each of our customers. None of the materials used in this process are materials that can be dangerous to human health. We are particularly aware that the COVID-19 outbreak affects almost every part of the world. The safety and health of our customers are of paramount importance to us. In this context, we would like to state that we have added extra intensity to our disinfection studies.

As part of our Antalya Airport transfer service, our master drivers bring you to the point you need to go. Our drivers are chosen among experienced people who have been serving in this field for many years. In this context, it would not be wrong to say that you can reach the destination in the fastest and safest way by using the shortest route. In addition, we would like to state that our drivers, who will be in the vehicle, pass the COVID-19 test periodically. You will be 100% safe in our vehicles.

Antalya Airport Transfer Details

Our customers who want to receive the Antalya Airport transfer service will meet our staff as soon as they get off the plane. We have at least 10 personnel at the airport. In this way, you do not even need to wait a minute. Conversely, even if your flight is delayed due to delay or different technical reasons, we do not charge you additional fees and continue to wait for you at the exit point. What you need to do to get to know our staff is actually very simple. Our staff will be holding a paper with your name on it. After meeting our staff, he will accompany you to your luxury vehicle and help you carry your luggage.

Do not like to wait for public transport, stand in line for a taxi? Then your choice may be to book Antalya Airport Transfer through I Can Transfer. This is one of the fastest and most comfortable ways to get from Antalya airport in any direction you need: to Mahmutlar, to Kemer, to side, to tekirov, to Belek, to Belbedi. You can drive to Antalya using a taxi or bus, but something can go wrong. Do not forget that it will cost you a lot if you are going to use a taxi.

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