Antalya Airport (AYT) Coronavirus (Covid-19) Safety

At Antalya Airport (AYT), our number one priority is always your safety and wellbeing; our passengers and colleagues.
Antalya Airport has also put in place a number of measures to help support our passengers and colleagues including:
The provision of over 200 hand sanitiser dispenser locations across the airport
An increase to our, already thorough, cleaning procedures
The creation of a dedicated, isolated, terminal pier area to be used by medical professionals while liaising with suspected cases
Our Airport Health Service have been provided with additional Personal Protection Equipment and training in case they are required to act as first responders to suspected cases.

COVID-19: (AYT) Information for our passengers traveling from Antalya Airport
Many countries impose travel restrictions due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, which is defined as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).
At the airport, warnings against epidemics and hygiene-related measures are carried out fully and regularly in line with the management of public authorities.
Within the scope of the measures taken for the health of our passengers, thermal cameras have been installed in our domestic and incoming passenger areas.
Many people have holidays booked and Turkey is one of the safest countries .
Turkey have ‘no’cases and most people have very minor symptoms to the virus. Check your travel insurance covers you for all scenarios including quarantine etc then enjoy your holiday.
You will lose all your money unless you cancel for an insurable reason or the airline/holiday operator cancels.
The only public evidence so far suggests Turkey is safer than the UK and other Contries for coronavirus.
The chief medical officer for England says that the winter climate of the UK is an aggravating factor and that the anticipated strain on the NHS will be over once the winter is over.
There are no coronavirus cases reported in our system for Antalya, Turkiye,
At the minute Turkey seems a safer bet than the Europe.
Most places have hand sanitizer and only one confirmed case in turkey.

All international passengers are being screened with a thermal camera. Those displaying signs of a temperature will then be referred to a medical adviser.