Antalya Çıralı

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Parking area: Yes

Entrance fee: No

Closed Day: No

Distance from Antalya Republic Square (City Center):  79.6km ( D400)

Distance from Antalya international airport: 94.7 km ( D400)

Distance from Antalya bus station: 80.6 km ( D400)

Importance and general aspects:

Çıralı Bay is one of the rare coves where Caretta carettas live and lay their eggs on their beaches. Therefore, these sea turtles are under strict protection. The vast majority of the hotels in Çıralı were built in citrus gardens and mostly in wood. These hotels offer a service understanding from nature. All of the hotels are located very close to the sea. In addition to hotels, there are a wide variety of hostels and camping areas22.

How to get there

There are 2 faster options in order to reach Çıralı; by car or by bus from the Antalya Bus Station. Antalya Airport Transfer I CAN TRANSFER

What to do?

In Çıralı, which is more preferred by those who want to get away from city life with its calm and peaceful environment, nature walks can be held and water sports can be preferred due to favourable weather conditions

What to eat?

There are lots of restaurants and bars mostly serving fish, traditional tastes, snacks and other delicious foods and drink to visitors. You can eat fresh fish in the beautiful restaurants of Çıralı. You can taste the indispensable taste of Mediterranean from home cooking and appetizers made with olive oil. All these beautiful dishes, you can drink wines made from grapes grown from Anatolian vineyards. In addition to fresh orange juice from citrus orchards and tea made with thyme collected from its own nature is quite a lot in the environment23.

What to buy?

Gift items made of glass are also very popular in Çıralı. Besides, figures depicting caretta caretta can also be taken as souvenirs.

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