Antalya Clock Tower

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Parking area: Yes


Entrance fee: No

Closed days: No


Distance from Antalya Republic Square (City Center): 270 m ( CumhuriyetSt.)


Distance from Antalya international airport: 15.1 km (Mersin-Antalya main roads/D400 and Aspendos Blv.)


Distance from Antalya bus station: 9 km ( Dumlupınar Blv. and 100 Yıl Blv.)


Importance and general aspects:


Antalya Clock Tower, 14 meters high, overlooks the city center1. Of the towers of the citadel surrounding the city of Antalya, only the tower called Antalya Clock Tower has survived through the present day5. Documents show that the building acquired the clock handle function in the middle of 1920. In this process, a rectangular superstructure with arched windows was added on a pentagonal tower, which was probably present in the Roman Period, undergoing great renovation during the Byzantine and Seljuk Periods11.

How to get there

You can arrive by walking to this area as there is a short distance (only 270 m) from the city center to the Antalya Clock Tower.


What to do?


It is possible to spend a time in cafes or restaurants around the Antalya Clock Tower. It is possible to take a rest under the Antalya Clock Tower, smell fresh air enjoy the scenery of Antalya and take the photo of this monumental structure.


What to eat?


There are lots of restaurants and bars mostly serving fish, snacks and other delicious foods and drink to visitors.


What to buy?


Small and big sized shops selling souvenirs, jewelery, clothing, leather can be found around the Antalya Clock Tower.

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