Antalya Karain Cave

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Parking area: Yes.

Entrance fee:  Yes.

Closed days: No.

Antalya Karain Cave Distance from Antalya Republic Square (City Center): 31.5 km (D685)

Distance from Antalya international airport: 46.5 km (D330/D650)

Distance from Antalya bus station: 28.1  km (D330/D650)

Importance and general aspects:

Karain Cave is one of Turkey’s largest natural cave36. Karain Cave, situated at a height of about 430 m from the sea. It was introduced to science world in 1946 by Prof. Dr. İsmail Kılıç Kökten. Archaeological excavations are resuming at E and B chambers in the cave that composed of eight chambers37. It was concluded from the excavations that the cave was used as a settlement center 500,000 years ago38. As a result of the excavations carried out, it was determined that the Karain Cave was used by people in Classical Age and the Prehistoric Ages such as the the Lower, Middle and Upper Paleolithic phases, Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Old Bronze. As a natural consequence of this, it contains a thick culture fill up to about eleven meters. However, the longest and most important settlement of the cave is related to Paleolithic Age. Its use in the classical period is mostly oblation cave (temple) and there are Greek inscriptions and niches on the cave forehead and outer walls. The archaeological finds obtained from the excavations in the Karain Cave are exhibited in the Antalya Museum and in the Karain Museum located in the immediate vicinity of the cave39. To reach the cave, you have to leave your vehicle at a certain point and walk a long way up the stairs. As this situation is a little tiring, at the same time it may be difficult for people with disabilities to reach the cave as transportation to the cave is provided by long stairs.

What to do?

After Karain Cave visit if you still have time, you can also visit the nearby Kırkgözhan Caravanserai.

What to eat?

It is necessary to come prepared as shopping places are limited nearby.

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