Antalya Suluada

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Importance and general aspects:

Taking its name from the fresh water coming out of the island, Suluada has met the water needs of all ships traveling in the region throughout the maritime history38.This is a piece of heaven with its white sand and turquoise water. The rock structure of Suluada contains calcium carbonate. The secret that the sand here is so white is the microorganisms called “foraminifera” that live in the sand. When the stones are white due to the fresh water coming out of the island, the sea water gets an even clearer view. As such, we see a tropical pool view38.

How to get there

Daily boat tours are organized every day from both Çıralı Bay and Adrasan Bay to this region. On special days and weekends, you need to book in advance for a boat tour.

What to do?

It is possible to take a rest, swim and dive in crystal clear waters, smell fresh air, and take the photo of this fascinating scenery.

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