Antalya Termesos

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Antalya Termesos Transfer

Parking area: Yes.

Entrance fee:  Yes.

Closed days: No.

Distance from Antalya Republic Square (City Center): 33.5 km ( Antalya Denizli Road D330/E87.)

Distance from Antalya international airport: 45,1 km (Antalya Denizli Road D330/E87)

Distance from Antalya bus station: 31.1 km ( Antalya Denizli Road D330/E87)

Importance and general aspects:

Termessos is one of the best preserved ancient city in Turkey17. It was founded by Solymler, a descendant of Luwians, one of the oldest peoples of Anatolia18 It was built on a natural platform in the southwest of Güllük Mountain, at an average height of 1,150 meters above sea level. It is hidden among many wild plants and bordered by dense pine forests19.  It is likened to an eagle’s nest due to its high position, and the mountains and forest surrounding it like natural city walls. It is also narrated that Alexander the Great likened this place to an eagle’s nest20. This city is known for the first time in history by the siege of Alexander the Great. Accordingly, Alexander the Great begins the siege as he is on the Termessos road on his way from Perge to Gordion. When he lost his best soldiers and his two great commanders in the siege, he turned to Sagalasos, after saying “I have a long road to go, I cannot spend my army in front of an eagle’s nest”. Also known as the city that Alexander the Great could not conquer.

The historian Diodors recorded another unforgettable event in the history of Termessos in all its details. In 319 A.D., after Alexander’s death, one of his generals, Antigonos Monophtalmos, declared himself the ruler of Asia Minor (Anatolia) and was prepared to fight his rival Alcetas, whose main supporter was Pisidia. The forces of Antigonos Monophtalmos consisted of 40,000 infantry, 7,000 cavalry and also countless elephants. Alcetas and his friends, who could not overcome these superior forces, took refuge in Termessos. Termessians promised to help them. During this time, Antigonos came in front of the city and camped here, demanding that his enemy be returned to him. Termessos elders, who did not want their cities to be disastered for the sake of a foreign Macedonian decided to return Alcetas, but the young Termessians wanted to keep their promises and refused to go out of it. The elderly sent a delegation to Antigonos to inform them about their intention to give Alcetas. Alcetas, who learned that he would be imprisoned soon, preferred to die rather than being given to the enemy and killed himself. The elderly sent the body of Alcetas to Antigonos. Antigonos, who did all kinds of torment to the body for three days, then left to Pisidia leaving the body without buried. The young people of Termessos, who were angry with what happened, took back the body of Alcetas, buried in respect and erected a beautiful monument in his memory21.


What to do?

Taking a stroll in the ancient city of Termessos can take you on a journey in ancient times. In addition, the ancient theater, which is well preserved and has a unique view, is an enormous place to take pictures.

What to eat?

There is only one cafe you can have something to eat or drink. It is recommended to come prepared, as food and drink are allowed inside.

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