Antalya Zoo

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Parking area: Yes.

Entrance fee:  Yes.

Closed days: No.

Distance from Antalya Republic Square (City Center): 9.9 km ( Antalya Blv./D650.)

Distance from Antalya international airport: 21.5 km ( Gazi Blv./D400)

Distance from Antalya bus station: 4.9 km ( Antalya Blv./D650)

Importance and general aspects:

It was established on a 400-acre land for the Zoo within the scope of the ‘Kepezaltı Picnic and Recreation Project’, which was arranged by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in 1989. It is one of the largest zoo in Turkey. It contains approximately 856 animal from 100 different species. Since it is established in the park, there are also places such as picnic areas, natural water resources, small waterfalls, playgrounds, and barbecues.

What to do?

You can have a picnic after the zoo tour

What to eat?

There are limited cafes and restaurants.

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