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Finike Citrus Trees

Parking area: Yes

Entrance fee: No

Closed Day: No

Distance from Antalya Republic Square (City Center):  121 km ( Kumluca Altınyaka Road)

Distance from Antalya international airport: 136 km ( Kumluca Altınyaka Road)

Distance from Antalya bus station: 121 km ( Kumluca Altınyaka Road)

Importance and general aspects:

Turkey’s citrus production consisting of multiple streams with allul earth has an important place40. The whole area smells heavenly in sping time with orange blossoms everywhere41. In addition, District Rhodiapolis, Limyra and Arykanda have an historical richness with antic cities. Finike, which served as a port where Liymra, the capital of Lycia for many years, exported agricultural products, is thought to have been founded by the Phoenicians first.

How to get there

There are 2 faster options in order to reach Finike; by car or by bus from the Antalya Bus Station.

What to do?

Finike is more preferred by those who want to get away from city life with its calm and peaceful environment. If you are bored with crowded holiday resorts, Finike is for you. An immaculate and long beach, fresh air, a calm holiday opportunity awaits you in Finike. You can make a cultural tour by visiting the ancient cities in Finike. You can also stroll through the orange groves and pick fruit from orange tree. You can take all your stress away by taking walks with the sunset accompanied by the sunset and enjoy the light flavors of the Mediterranean in the restaurants along the harbor.

What to eat?

There are lots of restaurants, cafes and bars mostly serving fresh fish, traditional tastes, snacks and other delicious foods and drink to visitors.Also you can drink resh orange juice from citrus orchards everywhere.

What to buy?

On the way back from the city, you can get dried oranges, juices, homemade jams. Besides, you can reach many hand made products such as home noodles and marmalade from the village markets.

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