Gelidonya Lighthouse

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Importance and general aspects:

Located between two long noses surrounded by pine forests, Adrasan offers different hiking routes to its enthusiasts. The first of these is a 7-hour walking track from Adrasan to Gelidonya Lighthouse, located at the far end of Antalya in the Mediterranean. After the challenging track, nature lovers meet with an unforgettable view and an unforgettable story. The view of the five islands and the Gelidonya Lighthouse is worth the difficulty of the course. Gelidonya Lighthouse got its name from the word “caledonia”, which means swallow in the Lycian language due to the swallows that migrated to the region. Due to the currents in this region, many ships dragged into the rocks and the region turned into an underwater cemetery. Even in ancient times, the sailors, who passed this area without any damage, called the holy nose, believing that the gods were helping them. The construction of the Gelidonya Lighthouse started in 1934, and completed in 1936. In addition, this lighthouse was built at an altitude of 227 km, is known as Turkey’s highest lighthouse.

How to get there

The entire road is pathway. The starting point of the track can be reached by car. You have to complete the remaining path on foot. This track takes about 7 hours.

What to do?

Camping can be done on condition that there is enough water in the region where Gelidonya Lighthouse is located. You can go hiking for a day. Also it is possible to take a rest, smell fresh air, enjoy a scenery of Adrasan and take the photo of this fascinating scenery.

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