Istanbul Airport Aksaray Transfer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we are registered with the Public Carriage Office.

Yes all our cars are covered by a Hire and Reward Insurance.

We will give you confirmation within 1 hours.

Yes all online bookings have to be made 6 hours before travelling.

Yes you can, our Whatsapp lines are online 24 hours, every day.

The maximum number of passengers per car is 7 with an car (Mercedes Vito)

Yes you can, but you should tell us 12 hours in advance.

Yes you can, but you should inform us three hours in advance.

Yes we can, but you should tell us in advance.

As long as it conforms to the Health and Safety Laws, our drivers will do all they can to assist you.

Yes you can, but the tariff may change and you will be charged according to mileage.

No, we constantly monitor the status of your flight so we can dispatch our cars accordingly.

We will wait until the last passenger from your flight has cleared.

Yes you can, at the end of your journey you may hand the cash to our driver.

We shall be happy to provide you with more answers. For more information just contact us via email or Whatsapp.

Istanbul Airport Aksaray Transfer

As individuals who will land at Istanbul Airport and want to reach to a certain destination, you do not have to use the complex, the high-priced, crowded and uncomfortable public transportation system of the metropolis. As I CAN TRANSFER, we carry out VIP airport transfer operations at affordable prices, along with luxury vehicles and in-car services that will provide you with high comfort, with a professional team. You can travel up to 4 people and carry all your luggage or bags safely in our vehicles, all of which will maximize customer comfort. Thanks to our private transfer service, you do not have to waste time and energy trying to understand public transportation options in an unfamiliar city, and you will not experience negative experiences such as taxi fraud. In this content, we will try to inform you about the details of our service.

Istanbul Airport Transfer by I CAN TRANSFER

  1. Hygiene was always our top priority. However, with the recent Covid-19 outbreak, we attach more importance to hygiene practices than ever before. Our vehicles are 100% disinfected before and after receiving you. Disinfection is carried out by professional methods that do not threaten human health and have proven germicidal properties. Our staff and driver, who will meet you, undergo hygiene training and regularly undergo health checks.
  1. You do not need to use public transportation to minimize your holiday expenses! We, as I CAN TRANSFER, offer you the option of VIP transfer for the price of public transportation. You may have heard of taxi fraud in Istanbul. Isn’t it a better idea to prefer the latest model Mercedes Vito vehicles with a fixed price tariff rather than prefer transportation methods that you do not know how much the transportation process will cost you?
  1. We, as I CAN TRANSFER, assign one of our officers who are at the airport 24 hours at the landing time of your plane. In this way, you can be transferred directly to the vehicles without having to wait after getting off the plane. Our staff, who will wait with a paper with your name on hand, will accompany you to the vehicle.
  2. As I CAN TRANSFER, we also offer you hot and cold drinks in our non-smoking VIP transfer vehicles. It is very important for us to feel at home in our hundred percent hygienic vehicles.