Istanbul Airport Atasehir Transfer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we are registered with the Public Carriage Office.

Yes all our cars are covered by a Hire and Reward Insurance.

We will give you confirmation within 1 hours.

Yes all online bookings have to be made 6 hours before travelling.

Yes you can, our Whatsapp lines are online 24 hours, every day.

The maximum number of passengers per car is 7 with an car (Mercedes Vito)

Yes you can, but you should tell us 12 hours in advance.

Yes you can, but you should inform us three hours in advance.

Yes we can, but you should tell us in advance.

As long as it conforms to the Health and Safety Laws, our drivers will do all they can to assist you.

Yes you can, but the tariff may change and you will be charged according to mileage.

No, we constantly monitor the status of your flight so we can dispatch our cars accordingly.

We will wait until the last passenger from your flight has cleared.

Yes you can, at the end of your journey you may hand the cash to our driver.

We shall be happy to provide you with more answers. For more information just contact us via email or Whatsapp.

Istanbul New Airport (IST) Atasehir Transfer

How can I go to Atasehir from Istanbul New Airport? And How Much is The Taxi Transfer Price ?

We are proud to offer you the luxury VIP airport transfer service with the best price guarantee. While we enable our domestic and foreign customers to have a pleasant time in Istanbul New Airport (IST) Atasehir Transfer processes with maximum comfort, we enable you to feel safe thanks to our wallet-friendly fixed tariffs. As I CAN TRANSFER, we do not charge you any additional fees for delays due to the fact that your plane has made rotary. The charged process is only transfer from the airport to your desired point. Remember, you are our primary customer from the very first moment you communicate us and book. You can request a baby seat or wheelchair free of charge.

In addition to all of these, do not forget that you are an insured customer since the very first moment you started to get service in our vehicle and you have a lot of rights protected by official institutions! I CAN TRANSFER is a VIP transfer company certified by Tursab.

Best Opportunities You Can Use During Istanbul New Airport (IST) Atasehir Transfer

Here the main opportunities offered by us: 

  1. During Istanbul New Airport (IST) Atasehir Transfer, all the latest model Mercedes brand vehicles you use will have undergone a detailed disinfection process. You know recently that the Covid-19 virus is seriously life-threatening worldwide. As I CAN TRANSFER, we disinfect our vehicles before and after each customer transfer. In this way, you get the chance to travel in a 100% safe and healthy environment.
  2. As I CAN TRANSFER, we aim to make luxury opportunities a normal flow of your life. When you receive the first transfer service from us, you can create an appointment for your next transfer. In this case, you will have the chance to benefit from a 10 percent discount.
  3. We have been serving in this industry for many years. There are many hotels we have contracted in the field of traveling. You can choose the hotel you will stay by contacting us from among our contracts. In this way, you will benefit from extra advantages during the stay.
  4. Our drivers, who will transfer you from Istanbul Airport to Ataşehir, frequently pass the Covid-19 control. Our wholly healthy drivers are experienced in this field and have a high ability to draw routes in Istanbul. You will feel completely safe while receiving service from us.