Istanbul Airport Kadikoy Transfer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we are registered with the Public Carriage Office.

Yes all our cars are covered by a Hire and Reward Insurance.

We will give you confirmation within 1 hours.

Yes all online bookings have to be made 6 hours before travelling.

Yes you can, our Whatsapp lines are online 24 hours, every day.

The maximum number of passengers per car is 7 with an car (Mercedes Vito)

Yes you can, but you should tell us 12 hours in advance.

Yes you can, but you should inform us three hours in advance.

Yes we can, but you should tell us in advance.

As long as it conforms to the Health and Safety Laws, our drivers will do all they can to assist you.

Yes you can, but the tariff may change and you will be charged according to mileage.

No, we constantly monitor the status of your flight so we can dispatch our cars accordingly.

We will wait until the last passenger from your flight has cleared.

Yes you can, at the end of your journey you may hand the cash to our driver.

We shall be happy to provide you with more answers. For more information just contact us via email or Whatsapp.

Istanbul Airport Kadikoy Transfer

How can I go to Kadikoy from Istanbul New Airport? And How Much is The Taxi Transfer Price ?

We provide a safe and comfortable transfer from Istanbul New Istanbul airport to Kadikoy or from Kadikoy to Istanbul’s new Istanbul airport. Istanbul Airport transfers provided by I CAN TRANSFER are unlike any typical Istanbul New Istanbul airport taxi or shuttle services. It provides Istanbul Airport Kadikoy Transfer formally.  Using the taxi service carries some risks. These include; the fact that you find the taxi dirty, the driver’s discomfort and excessive price demands.

Our business ethics and philosophy is to provide a safe and comfortable transfer without any extra cost. We do not receive any additional payment for flight delays or traffic congestion. It is absolutely difficult and tiring to get to Kadıköy from Istanbul Airport by shuttle or any other means of public transport. Using our transfer service will make your stay comfortable and ensure your holiday starts well.

  • The price of the transfer from Istanbul Kadikoy is final, not for every person!
  • Our competent driver will meet you in Istanbul Kadikoy or at the meeting place with a sign with your names.
  • We monitor flight delays to Istanbul Kadikoy to assure you a quick meeting and excellent service.
  • Our transfer rates for Istanbul Kadikoy are inclusive of driver hire, rental vehicle, and fuel.
  • We work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in Istanbul Kadikoy without exception!
  • We only provide private door-to-door transfers.

Istanbul Airport (IST) is a major transport hub that receives millions of tourists annually. In order not to create unnecessary problems on arrival, learn in advance how to get to the city. This will help the public carriers, taxi service or private transfers to and from I CAN TRANSFER.

Anyway to get to the center will suit you, but if you are running out of time, it is better not to risk waiting for public transport or looking for a taxi at Istanbul airport (IST).

With the transfer of I CAN TRANSFER you know exactly when you leave and how many will be in the way.

A couple of adult tourists can go to both the bus stop and the taxi stand. However, remember: the driver of public transport is important only to keep up with the schedule. He didn’t care much about travelers. From rudeness and rudeness of the taxi driver, you are not insured. And starting a vacation with negative emotions is a lost cause.

For the transfer driver, the main thing is that passengers have a good impression of the trip. His future work depends on it.