Istanbul Airport Sirkeci Transfer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we are registered with the Public Carriage Office.

Yes all our cars are covered by a Hire and Reward Insurance.

We will give you confirmation within 1 hours.

Yes all online bookings have to be made 6 hours before travelling.

Yes you can, our Whatsapp lines are online 24 hours, every day.

The maximum number of passengers per car is 7 with an car (Mercedes Vito)

Yes you can, but you should tell us 12 hours in advance.

Yes you can, but you should inform us three hours in advance.

Yes we can, but you should tell us in advance.

As long as it conforms to the Health and Safety Laws, our drivers will do all they can to assist you.

Yes you can, but the tariff may change and you will be charged according to mileage.

No, we constantly monitor the status of your flight so we can dispatch our cars accordingly.

We will wait until the last passenger from your flight has cleared.

Yes you can, at the end of your journey you may hand the cash to our driver.

We shall be happy to provide you with more answers. For more information just contact us via email or Whatsapp.

Istanbul Airport Sirkeci Transfer

How can I go to Sirkeci from Istanbul New airport? And how much is the taxi transfer price ?

Passengers going from Istanbul Airport, Sabiha gokcen airport area will meet our driver on arrivals with agreed welcome sign (full name or company name or agreed logo). We do not have a visible parking stand on airport, so carefully read instructions about meeting our driver on airport. This reduces our waiting time on airport. Because of a long distance of taxi, sometimes there will be longer waiting period on airport to be picked up. Usually, waiting time will be very short, but sometimes can be approximately 1-1,5 hours. Also we are monitoring flights of our interest. That is why we are always updated about possible delay of arrivals and our presence on airport. When your plane lands on airport, we will be there to meet you.
Passengers going to airport will be picked up on pre-designated pick up locations. Time of pick up will be sent to all passengers one day before departure in early evening time over WhatsApp message or some other way, if that is not possible. Passengers should be prepared on pick up location at least 5 minutes prior to pick up. Shuttles to airport are scheduled and all possible delays, because we would have to wait for passengers on pick up locations, can result to delay arrival on airport. Usually, pick up time is set approximately 3 hours prior to plane departure for Istanbul New Airport, Sabiha Gokcen airport pick up time is usually set to 3 hours prior to plane departure.

Eminönü and Sirkeci

 The first place to visit in the Historic Peninsula starts with Eminönü Square. Every day thousands of people pass from Eminönü. This is also the point of departure of the ferry line traffic, the classic throat cruise ships and the buses to many parts of Istanbul.

The most beautiful is to leave the crowd on the streets of Eminönü. You can see the shops that sell interesting products without thinking that the road is going to be to the right or to the left. At the time of the crowd, it is a pleasure to enter the Sirkeci Railway Station and sit on the benches on the old platform. On the other hand, the Sirkeci Station is home to many festivals.

You can supply all spices and ingredients from the Spice Bazaar in your kitchen to create the magnificent tables. But before you enter the bazaar before the tradition do not break, you can start the tour by throwing feed to the pigeons in front of Yeni Mosque. You can buy a container and take 1 lira and you can add meaning to your trip with your souvenir photo. After all, historical places never fall off the agenda, and vice versa is always in vogue.

After discovering the new mosque, we can enter the Egyptian Bazaar, which is a favorite of local and foreign tourists. It is possible to find all kinds of spices together. The Egyptian Bazaar, which is located in the new mosque’s complexes, sold goods and spices from Egypt and especially from Cairo. In addition, all kinds of souvenirs that tourists can come to Istanbul are sold in shops here.

Istanbul Airport Sirkeci Transfer,  Always there will be separate airport Transfer minivan (mercedes vito) for these all destinations.

Sirkeci is waiting for you to come out of the Spice Bazaar and close to Yeni Cami. Great post office building is coming to the top of Sirkeci. The Grand Post Office building, which was built on 4 floors and which is at the forefront with its architecture with Ottoman style architecture, was built in the early 20th century. It was built by architect Vedat Tek, one of the most prominent figures in national architecture. The Grand Post Office located in Sirkeci and the museum within it serve every weekday. The Great Post Office and the museum are open every day between 08:30 and 17:00 on weekdays. This historic Great Post Office and its museum are closed to service on weekends.

It is not without stopping at Cağaloğlu, which includes the Babıali, the grand vizier and headquarters of the Ottoman Empire.18. The Ottoman bureaucracy became a region inhabited by members of grandchildren and pashas. The Cağaloğlu Bath, which is a little further than the Yerebatan Palace, is located between the German Emperor II. He hosted many famous visitors such as Kaiser Wilhelm and the Egyptian actor Omar Sharif.

On the one hand you can eat fish-bread to the sea shore, the traffic closed to the Hocapaşa Street comes to your mind. This is the haunt of the region’s flavor lovers. The service point of many artisan restaurants is located in Hocapaşa Street. streets; Meatballs, pidecisi, and local delicacies, as well as serving the same street for many years are lined up side by side.