Mount Chimaera (Yanartaş)

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Parking area: No

Entrance fee: Yes

Closed days: No

Distance from Antalya Republic Square (City Center):  81.8 km ( D400)

Distance from Antalya international airport: 96.7 km ( D400)

Distance from Antalya bus station: 82.7 km ( D400)

Importance and general aspects:

Yanartaş, which has been fascinating human beings since the early ages in the geography of the Lycian Peninsula, is a natural gas source located 2.5 km north of Çıralı Beach. Due to this mysterious place, Hephaistos was the chief god of the city of Olympos in the Roman Period and was in a position ahead of Zeus. A church was still standing for Archangel Mikhael, who replaced Hephaistos in Yanartaş with the transition to Christianity24.

Mount Chimaera Legend

This natural methane gas leaking out from underground has been recorded as a legend in Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, Hipponus, the son of the King of Ephyra, accidentally kills his brother Belleron during a hunt and gets the name Bellrophontes, which means eating Belleros. This person is driven from where he lives and takes refuge in the king of Argos. The king of Argos sends him to the Lycian king. The Lycian king sends him to fight with the monster Chimera, who lives in the mountain of Olympos and sparks flames from his mouth. Bellerophontes gets on his winged horse named Pegassos and goes to Chimera. Bellerophontes defeats Chimera and sends him to the bottom of the ground.Today, flames in Yanartaş are still known as flames coming out of Chimera’s mouth25.

How to get there

Yanartaş is located 3 km north of Çıralı Beach. First, you reach the Çıralı-Yanartaş Recreation Area in about 35 minutes on foot or 15 minutes by bicycle from the center of Çıralı. After this, Yanartaş can go up the stepped path with a tiring walk of 30-40 minutes. Visitors are recommended to leave this road with rest. If your visit is going to be in the evening, you should have a lantern with you.

What to do?

In Yanartaş, which is more preferred by those who want to get away from city life with its calm and peaceful environment, nature walks can be held. Also it is possible to take a rest, smell fresh air, enjoy a scenery of Yanartaş and take the photo of this fascinating scenery.

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